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Yes Ma’am. No Ma’am.

by Bernie Dixon

Anyone serving in the military recognizes that there are only three acceptable responses to a superior officer’s directive or question: “Yes Ma’am. No, Ma’am. Ma’am I do not understand.” The last

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Where Are All The Women In Tech?

If you look at our team roster, it’s pretty obvious that we’ve only got one male in our beloved ‘Army of Awesome.’ Evan is a good sport about being the only guy…

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Zookazam Makes Classrooms Splash with Augmented Reality

Imagine opening up an app and unlocking a world filled with animals as small as an ant to Jurassic-era giants like a…

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Building a System of Support: Who you gonna call?

We need more women in technology, but it isn’t easily done without help. Here is a list of organizations in Atlanta that…

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Launching Women From Tech Startup To CEO

When Bernie Dixon wanted to invest in women entrepreneurs in Atlanta three years ago, she stumbled onto an opportunity…

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Women-Owned Businesses Make Big Strides in Atlanta

When Atlanta’s Julie Salisbury started her public relations firm in the late 1980s, she was one of the only female entrepreneurs…

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