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About Launchpad2X

Launchpad2x is an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Atlanta supporting women who are founders/leaders/majority owners of their startup and emerging businesses. The program works with the Atlanta business community to provide Launchpad2x members with mentorship, ongoing education, and a supportive network that builds the confidence and skills needed to grow their companies.

Approved participants participate in an intensive 3 day boot camp that helps nurtures confidence, increase leadership and communication skills, and uncover gaps in business knowledge needed to take their company to the next level. Launchpad2x graduates take away the knowledge of what it takes to move from Founder to successful CEO and how to grow from a startup to a $20M+ revenue enterprise. Graduates are also invited to participate in ongoing master classes to continue their leadership education.

About the Founder

Bernie DixonFounder

Bernie Dixon has been crushing boundaries throughout her career, beginning with her service in the U.S. Army Signal Corps as a leading member of the first class of female officers.  Her illustrious private sector career has included leading a National Security practice for Booz Allen and Hamilton in support of the White House, to multiple top Chief Information Officer positions in Fortune 100 aerospace, industrial, and defense electronics companies to leading the tech services business in the Americas at a dominant hi tech company.

Bernie is the Chairman and President of the Atlanta Technology Angels, consistently named as on of the top angel investment networks in the country.  Her interest in increasing investment capital for women managed businesses and her passion for providing women CEOs of emerging businesses with the tools and connections to drive success in their companies led her to develop LaunchPad2X, one of the most innovative and successful business boot camps in the U.S. for women leaders.

A few years ago, I ran across a some statistics that confirmed what I had suspected was at the heart of building more investable women-led companies. It all comes done to confidence. Where men have a tendency to pursue an opportunity when they are 50 or 60 percent confident in their ability to execute, women tend to be reluctant to pursue that same opportunity unless they are 90 percent confident in their ability to execute.  Yet, when women actually do perform, they tend to perform at least as well or higher than their male counterparts. It’s an interesting truth that confidence is the key differentiator. I was spurred by this data to create a program that would empower women leaders to embrace their own competence, build their leadership and communications skills, and accelerate their success. I also wanted to provide on-going education to continue to expand their knowledge base about what it takes to be a successful CEO. The results are both game changing and life changing for the graduates who now view themselves and their companies through a more confident and realistic lens. The ability to move through both challenges and successes with bolstered confidence and a network of resources is key to helping your company and team achieve goals and objectives. LaunchPad2X is building a dynamic ecosystem of successful women led companies one graduate at a time.