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How does it work?

An intensive boot camp and master class program focuses on what women entrepreneurs need to break through confidence barriers, achieve goals, and manage growth.

3-Day Core Program

A 3-day boot camp of sorts that pushes you from entrepreneur to CEO. No pushups involved, but we do mean serious business. From accounting to legal to advisory boards, LP2X delves into the needs of you as a leader. You are the focus.

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Masters Workshop

Once you are a LP2X class graduate, you are invited to monthly Masters Workshops where we take a topic we nodded to in the core program and add more fuel to the flame. It’s a simple way to keep up-to-date with your LP2X learnings.

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Our board of advisors are actively involved in ensuring the success of our LP2X companies. We’re lucky to have the best of the best dedicated to mentoring female entrepreneurs. With too little support, too little energy, too modest goals, you’ll never get off the ground. Your mentor is the best ground control when launching from startup to million dollar company.

Our numbers are growing.

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achieved over $1M in revenue
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Meet Our Graduates

These LP2X graduates have launched their companies to new heights. We are proud to call them alumni. Take a look at what they are up to.


Anna Ruth Williams



Melissa Davis

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The Flame

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Yes Ma’am. No Ma’am.

by Bernie Dixon

Anyone serving in the military recognizes that there are only three acceptable responses to a superior officer’s directive or question: “Yes Ma’am. No, Ma’am. Ma’am I do not understand.” The last response is seen as a request for more information before responding with “Yes, Ma’am” or “No, Ma’am.” It is basic military training. It works in the military environment where officers are trained in effective decision making and rehearsed in making decisions under extreme pressure.

Decision making is considered one of the key

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Where Are All The Women In Tech?

If you look at our team roster, it’s pretty obvious that we’ve only got one male in our beloved ‘Army of Awesome.’ Evan is a good sport about being the only guy…

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Zookazam Makes Classrooms Splash with Augmented Reality

Imagine opening up an app and unlocking a world filled with animals as small as an ant to Jurassic-era giants like a…

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Applying to the Launchpad2X program was one of the best decisions I've made for my personal development and for my business.  The inside-out approach of the program builds a solid and powerful foundation for success.  Graduating from the program solidified my commitment to continuing my entrepreneurial journey with confidence due to the valuable information shared, relationships built, and connections to resources for building my business.
Monique Mills
CEO of The Party Match
Bernie Dixon's Launchpad 2x program tells the unflinching truth about what it takes to be an effective CEO. It's an ongoing master class that would be helpful to any leader of an emerging growing organization looking to grow. But the fact that it focuses on women entrepreneurs provides an invaluable boost. It's the private club of fellow entrepreneurs you never knew you needed.
Carol Casey
Group Food
There was a dramatic difference in my business performance pre & post the LaunchPad2X program. Today, my tech communications agency is National Small Agency of the year and one of the fastest growing tech PR firms in the country. I started LP2X with less than a quarter million in revenue - a number that has more than quadrupled in three years. As an LP2X alumni, I look forward to the monthly Masters classes as I continue to gain professional development and acquire the business acumen that's critical to scaling a business. Bernie has cracked the code on female entrepreneurial education and I am grateful for the skills and networking that the program has provided me.
Anna Ruth Williams
Founder & CEO of AR|PR
Having an excellent MBA education was not enough to give me the ways and means to become an entrepreneur. LaunchPad2X Program provided me with opportunity, empowering network and relevant expertise to become a confident and successful women CEO.  The Master’s program provides graduates with on-going relevant training, accountability, and a supporting community.  I highly recommend the negotiation course offered by Bernie Dixon, which is uniquely tailored to empower women entrepreneur!
Angelica F. White
Founder & CEO of Zippyar

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